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We take an Integrated approach

At Advanced Spine & Posture we Align Medical, Physical Therapy, and Chiropractic Biophysics™(CBP) to Deliver the very Best Corrective Care For A Better Quality Of Life. Our team of providers (medical doctors, Nurse Practitioners, physician Assistants, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractic Doctors certified in CBP will get you back to pain-free living without drugs or surgery.

We don’t just refer to each other, we sit next to each other. We feel that by combining the training and experience from multiple disciplines into one cohesive system we are able to raise the bar of what is possible to achieve through conservative holistic healthcare. There may be other healthcare offices out their that call themselves integrated but none who do it to the level that we do.

We Put Individual Patient Care First

We provide Evidence based care that resolves the root problem and not merely the symptoms, and then we offer preventative care options to fit your lifestyle.

Our care plans generally have 4 phases. The first phase is focused on your symptoms, this typically means pain and inflammation, Treatment during this phase is designed to “put the fire out”.


The first phase is focused on your symptoms, this typically means pain and inflammation, Treatment during this phase is designed to “put the fire out”.


The second phase is focused on correcting the underlying problem, it often involves corrective traction and active therapies whose purpose is to restore your body to its ideal form and function.


The third phase is probably the most important. It is designed to stabilize your spine and body in it’s new alignment to prevent any backsliding and return of symptoms.


The final phase is what we call Wellness Care and is focused on prevention. It is intended to be part of a healthy lifestyle along with a healthy diet, exercise, stress management, etc.

Core Values

We Work to Advance Our Field

We take a leadership position in the community by advocating for evidence-based medicine, and providing education that leads to total body health and fitness. We work toward transforming our fields through innovation and continue to make significant contributions to the field by writing medical papers that advance corrective, non-invasive Spinal care and inventing technologies such as the Universal Tractioning System.

Past Patient Testimonials

Read some of our patient reviews to see how we’ve helped thousands of patients get freedom from pain.

Mitzi HernandezMitzi Hernandez ★★★★★ An amazing place to heal with excellent support from all the staff. As well as incredible resultsB BB B ★★★★★ Simply the best! Amazing, caring and knowledgable staff. They really care and put all their effort in to what they do. I’ve been coming here for years. I was injured in Iraq and coming here has helped reduce the pain that I typically felt in my lower spine. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!Response from the ownerThank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with us! We are thrilled to hear that you have had such a positive experience with our team. Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality care possible, and we are so glad that we have been able to help you manage your pain. We greatly appreciate your loyalty and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the future. Thank you again for your kind words and for choosing us! Amanda TurnerAmanda Turner ★★★★★ I have been a patient here for 6 months and it has changed my life!! I have virtually no pain anymore and feel amazing! All the staff are absolutely wonderful and truly care about my health. I recommend this place to anyone who suffers from daily pain.Response from the ownerThank you for taking the time to leave a review! We're thrilled to hear that you had a great experience with us. We hope to continue providing you with excellent service in the future. Jasmine BebeeJasmine Bebee ★★★★★ Everyone there is very caring and genuine! They are great at what they do and have helped me so I don't have nearly as much pain anymore!Response from the ownerThank you Jasmine! Russell GreenhalghRussell Greenhalgh ★★★★★ Place was clean people were niceService was greatResponse from the ownerThank you Russell, hope you are doing excellent! Tushawnda TayllorTushawnda Tayllor ★★★★★ When you first walk in Amanda is greeting you with a big smile and is very helpfulResponse from the ownerThank you for leaving us a positive review Tushawnda! It's great to hear those words and we hope to see you again soon. js_loader
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How can Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP®) help you?

Relieving your pain and getting you back to happy, healthy living is what we strive for using our integrative medicine method. We combine cutting edge treatments such as laser therapy, biofeedback, and IV nutrition – and many more – with corrective chiropractic, physiatry, and physical and massage therapies for a custom-to-you health plan.

Below are a few of the many pains and conditions that we can help you overcome.

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What is an Integrated Medical Clinic?

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