3 Ways Texting is Causing You Poor Posture and How to Prevent It

The kid in Jerry Maguire lied! Well, not really. But he wasn’t quite right when he claimed that the human head weighed 8 pounds. So why is it important that the human head weighs 10 pounds? Because 68% of American adults now own smartphones, and all of that texting is causing you to put additional weight and pressure on your spine. But a few tricks can help eliminate crooked necks and poor posture.

woman texting
woman texting

Level Your Neck to Prevent Poor Spine Alignment

So 10 pounds doesn’t sound like much on your spine, right? Texting can add up to 50 fifty pounds of pressure on the spine, according to a recent study. The further you bend your neck, the heavier your head. Instead of bending your neck to look down at your phone, try raising your phone, thus keeping a neutral spine. Bending your head 15 degrees puts 27 pounds of pressure on your spine, while bending 60 degrees adds 60 pounds.

Keep your spine happy by raising your cell phone level with your face, keeping the pressure on your spine at 10 pounds. Standing tall with proper posture contributes to better overall physical and emotional health, and reduces physical stress.

Look Up to Exercise Your Neck Muscles More

While a world without texting or glancing down at technology is unrealistic, you can combat pain in the neck. Take breaks throughout the day to roll your neck, look up, and look at the world around you. Focusing on too much screen time can strain your eyes in addition to just your neck, and its important to combat all the downward neck activity with upward neck activity.

Invest in Physical Activity to Cure Bad Posture

To destress after neck and muscle strains of everyday smartphone use, invest time in restoring your body’s posture. Take a yoga class, go to physical therapy, or if your in severe pain, consult a physician about chiropractic biophysics. Introducing regular activity and varied movement of your neck, while also learning from professionals, will result in better habits for healthy posture.

If you live in the Las Vegas metropolitan area and you are experiencing poor posture and/or back pain, consult Advanced Spine & Posture. Our team of experienced corrective chiropractors in Las Vegas, physical therapists, nurses and doctors can determine whether you are a candidate for Chiropractic BioPhysics.