Elbow Pain

Elbow pain can develop from a variety of causes, such as repetitive strain,  misalignment, or sudden trauma from an accident. When elbow pain persists, it can significantly impact your ability to perform daily tasks, work, or enjoy recreational activities. Fortunately, at Advanced Spine & Posture, we have a team of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing safe and effective treatments for elbow pain.

Our Approach to Treating Elbow Pain

Our goal is to reduce elbow pain and discomfort through targeted treatments. We help patients to:

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    Alleviate pain and inflammation
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    Improve elbow flexibility and range of motion
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    Strengthen surrounding muscles

If you’re experiencing elbow pain, contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your journey toward relief.

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Fun Fact

According to a comparative trial, 94% of chiropractic patients experienced a 30% reduction in pain, while only 54% of medical patients saw a reduction.

What Causes Elbow Pain?

The elbow is a complex joint with muscles, tendons, and ligaments that enable a wide range of motion. Elbow pain can result from various factors, including:

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    Repetitive strain:Repeated activities that overwork the elbow, such as tennis, golf, or heavy lifting.
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    Trauma:Injuries from accidents, falls, or sports-related incidents.
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    Inflammation:Conditions like tendinitis or bursitis causing swelling and pain.

Elbow pain can manifest in several ways, including:

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    Stiffness and reduced range of motion
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    Sharp or shooting pain
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    Swelling and inflammation
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    Weakness in the forearm or grip strength
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    Radiating pain extending to the upper arm or wrist

Medical Treatment for Elbow Pain

For more severe or chronic elbow pain, medical treatments offer advanced options. We utilize a variety of medical treatments to promote healing and reduce pain. Our medical treatment approaches include:

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    Intramuscular Nutrition:Delivering essential nutrients to the muscles to support healing and recovery.
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    Blood-Based Nutritional Supplementation:Addressing any deficiencies that could be impacting muscle and joint health.

Physical Therapy Treatment for Elbow Pain

Physical therapy is essential in restoring function and strength to an injured elbow. Our physical therapists create customized treatment plans that focus on rehabilitation and strengthening. Key aspects of physical therapy for elbow pain include:

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    Strengthening Exercises:Focusing on the forearm, biceps, and triceps to provide better support for the elbow joint.
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    Stretching and Mobility Work:Improving flexibility in the elbow and surrounding muscles to enhance range of motion.
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    Manual Therapy:Using hands-on techniques to improve joint mobility and reduce stiffness.
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    Functional Training:Rebuilding the ability to perform daily tasks without pain or discomfort.

Physical therapy helps reduce the risk of re-injury while improving overall strength and flexibility in the elbow joint.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Elbow Pain

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive approach to treating elbow pain. Our staff conducts thorough consultations and examinations to determine the cause of your elbow pain. Based on this assessment, we create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Our chiropractic techniques for elbow adjustment include:

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    Elbow Mobilization:Gentle manipulation of the elbow joint to improve flexibility and reduce pain.
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    Joint Bracing:Providing support to the elbow to prevent further strain.

These treatments provide effective solutions for severe or persistent elbow pain, aiding in recovery and improving quality of life.

Find Relief from Elbow Pain at Advanced Spine & Posture

If you’re experiencing elbow pain, Advanced Spine & Posture is here to help. We align Medical, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic BioPhysics®, and Total Body Health to deliver the very best corrective care for a better quality of life. Our goal is to help you regain mobility and reduce pain.

Contact us today to learn more about our treatment options for elbow pain and to schedule a consultation. We’re dedicated to helping you find relief and recovery.

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