Poor Posture

Not only does poor posture look bad, but it also can be a huge detriment to your health. When we evaluate posture, we look at our patients from the front and from the side. When evaluating a person from the front view we are looking at the following:

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    Head and Neck:The head should be centered over the shoulders. The head and neck should not be bent one way or the other. It should not be shifted or rotated relative to the shoulders.
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    Shoulders and Mid Back:The shoulders and ribcage should be level and centered over the hips/pelvis. The shoulders should not be rotated or off center as compared to the pelvis.
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    The Hips and Pelvis:The hips and pelvis should be centered over the feet. There should not be any twisting of the hips and pelvis.
diagram of a young woman with poor posture showing a grid

Fun Fact

There are more than 200 million visits for spine conditions each year.

When evaluating a person from the side view we are looking at the following:

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    Head and Neck:The ear should be centered and in-line over the shoulders. The head and neck should not be shifted forward.
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    Shoulders and Mid Back:The shoulders and ribcage should be centered and in-line over the hips/pelvis. The shoulders should not be shifted forward or backward.
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    The Hips and Pelvis:The hips and pelvis should be centered over the feet.

Abnormal posture causes increased pressure on the joints of the spine, hips, knees and feet. In addition, the muscles that help hold us upright must work more when a person has abnormal posture. This leads to tight, tense muscles that can be tender and painful to the touch.

Even if you aren’t aware of the problems it causes, poor posture will impact your life in major ways – often without even knowing. Thankfully, corrective chiropractic care and physical therapy offer effective, non-invasive ways of addressing poor posture.

At Advanced Spine & Posture:

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    We first diagnose poor posture through physical examination
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    We then perform a computerized postural analysis
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    Establish the underlying cause of any abnormal findings
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    Design customized and effective chiropractic techniques to help
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    Then recommend therapies and corrective exercises for postural correction

Visit our chiropractic clinic today or schedule an appointment to learn how our chiropractors can save you from poor posture.

Poor Posture in Detail

In our experience, poor posture is the most common cause of back and neck pain. It can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender or physical condition. Poor posture means your body is not aligned correctly with gravity. This can cause stress on your muscles, joints and ligaments, leading to pain and stiffness.

Poor posture hurts your health in many ways. The function of the spinal cord and nerves become adversely affected when someone has poor posture. This can be associated with a variety of health issues. It can lead to pain or discomfort when performing everyday tasks, such as sitting down or driving a car. It can also impact your appearance, causing you to appear shorter or wider than you are.

In addition to causing physical symptoms, poor posture can affect your mood and self-esteem.

Chiropractic BioPhysics® Evaluation Posture

In Chiropractic BioPhysics® we use one of the most well-recognized posture analysis systems to evaluate and measure abnormal posture. This is done from a combination of photographs. Our doctors will also assess the patient’s back, neck and other joints for signs of pain, tenderness or stiffness.

In addition, when abnormal posture is present, our doctors may also recommend X-rays to evaluate the extent of the spinal problem and if any degeneration has formed in the spine due to the abnormal pressure from the poor posture. Once this is done, our doctors can design a safe and effective care plan that will not only make you feel and function better but will also improve your posture. We are so confident that what we do will work, we will perform follow-up computerized posture analysis and follow-up Xrays to evaluate our treatment effectiveness.

Corrective Treatment of Poor Posture

The most common postures that we adopt are due to positions we put ourselves in daily. These postures include sitting at a desk or computer all day long, sleeping in bad positions, driving long distances and exercising with improper form.

To correct the problem, our providers recommend exercises and activities such as:

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    Corrective Exercises:These exercises help strengthen the muscles around your spine to support your body better.
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    Specific Postural Adjustments:Used by our chiropractors to realign vertebrae that have been misaligned for an extended period and to relieve any pain you may have.
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    Spinal Traction:Our team uses state-of-the-art machines that gently stretch your body into a better posture and alignment.
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    Knee and Foot Assessment and alignment:Assessing if your feet and knees are in the right position, then aligning them appropriately with stretches, exercises and custom foot orthotics.

A Solution for Poor Posture – Advanced Spine & Posture

Experiencing poor posture problems? Worry not. We have helped thousands of people just like you restore their posture and regain their spinal health. Schedule an appointment with our providers and end this pain today. Whether experiencing misalignments in the back, neck, knees, pelvis, or other parts of your body, our clinic can help fix them so you can walk upright. Talk to us today.

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