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You don’t want to leave your treatment to just anyone’s hands when it comes to sports injuries. That’s why you should call Advanced Spine & Posture. We specialize in the care and treatment of sports injuries, from minor strains and sprains to significant tears and fractures.

Here is how we will help you:

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    We will first diagnose the injury
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    Determine the cause
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    Then administer effective non-surgical treatments
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    Recommend viable at-home exercises and dietary changes to accelerate healing

Fun Fact

NFL teams have a chiropractor on staff in order to increase player performance.

Understanding Various Sport Injuries

A variety of sports injuries can occur during a game or practice session. These injuries range from mild to severe and can cause pain, inflammation, and even damage to the tissue.

The most common sports injuries are:

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    Sprains and strainsA sprain is a stretch or tears in ligaments, while a strain is a tear in muscle fibers. Strains typically heal within a few weeks, but sprains may require more time.
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    TendinitisTendinitis is an inflammation of tendons that occurs when you overuse your muscles too much or engage in repetitive movements without proper recovery time between exercise sets. It is most commonly seen in athletes who play sports that require jumping or landing from high heights or carrying heavy equipment for long periods.
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    Cartilage injuryThis injury involves damage to the cartilage, which protects your bones from direct impact.
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    Knee problems Knee pain can be caused by an overuse injury or an acute injury that occurs while you are training or competing in a sports activity.
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    Shin splintsShin splints are a group of leg conditions that cause pain in the front and side of your lower leg. They usually occur when you run on hard surfaces or jump frequently, but they can also occur due to other activities like cycling and swimming.

How we Diagnose Sport Injuries

The first step in diagnosing a sports injury is to assess the severity of the injury. This can be done by measuring pain and swelling, identifying the damage to the involved tissue, and assessing the severity of the injury. This information will help determine what treatment is needed for your sports injury and how long until you can return to your activity.

Our providers can also order various tests like X-rays and MRIs to diagnose some sports injuries. An X-ray can show bones that have been broken or dislocated, as well as signs of ligament injury. MRIs show the extent of soft tissue damage that has occurred.

Non-Surgical Treatment of Sports Injuries

A variety of non-surgical treatment methods have been shown to be effective and well-researched methods of treating sports-related injuries. It is effective in treating over 90% of sports injuries reported to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Our Advanced Spine & Posture Centers use various techniques, including spinal adjustments, traction, and soft tissue mobilization, to help athletes return to normal activities as quickly as possible. Sometimes advanced measures are taken by our medical team members and injections of the tissues can be used to improve healing.

Joint adjustments are used to restore the motion of the joints of the spine and extremities. It helps reduce pain and restore mobility in the joint areas surrounding the injury.

Conversely, traction refers to using a traction machine to apply force on a specific body area. The goal is to stretch tight muscles and tendons so they can heal more quickly.

Soft tissue mobilization is often used to manipulate soft tissue and the bones of your spine and joints. This can help release scar tissue from overuse injuries and reduce inflammation in your body’s soft tissues.

Advanced Spine & Posture Center Can Help Treat Your Condition

Are you suffering from any chronic condition? Or any type of sports injury? Advanced Spine & Posture Center can help relieve the symptoms and help you live a more fulfilling life. We strive to understand each patient’s physical condition and address problems through a personalized, hands-on approach. Contact us today.


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