Scoliosis Treatment In Grand Rapids, MI

Are you struggling with scoliosis pain? Here at Advanced Spine & Posture, Grand Rapids, MI, we offer scoliosis screening, treatment, and care using various chiropractic techniques. Our procedures involve an extensive assessment of your condition. This process helps our chiropractors to understand your condition and determine the best care option.

We perform various scoliosis detection procedures such as:

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    Evaluation and diagnosis
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    Physical assessment
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    Check the spine tenderness, lesions, hair patches, and skeletal flexibility
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    Hip examinations
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    Measure Height (both standing and sitting)

You do not need to struggle with scoliosis pain if you live in Grand Rapids, MI. At Advanced Spine &Posture, we are ready to help you relieve your pain. Call us today and book an appointment with our chiropractic doctors.

Fun Fact

Usain Bolt, a well-known athlete, has scoliosis.

Overview of Scoliosis and common types

Scoliosis is a spine deformity that affects 3% of the population. The deformation can occur on any part of the spine. Scoliosis tilts the vertebrate to the side leading to an abnormal spinal curve. The condition affects people of any age, but the at-risk groups are boys and girls in their early teenage years.

The three primary types of scoliosis are:

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    Idiopathic scoliosisThe cause of this type of Scoliosis is unknown. It is the common type that affects many people across the globe. Chiropractor care can help correct this problem.
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    Neuromuscular scoliosisThis type results from underlying muscular issues such as polio, cerebral palsy, or spina bifida.
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    Congenital ScoliosisThis type occurs at birth. It occurs due to improper formation of the baby’s spine or ribs.

When is the right time to screen for Scoliosis?

Early detection of Scoliosis can help treat it before it becomes a chronic issue. The best age to perform a scoliosis screening is between 10 and 12 years for girls. For boys, it is between 12 and 14 years. At Advanced Spine & Posture, we have well-trained chiropractors trained to perform painless and fast scoliosis screening. This guarantees the detection of early signs and conducts the appropriate treatment.

Can Scoliosis go undetected?

Scoliosis can go undetected. This can occur due to parents paying less attention to their kids, denying them the opportunity for early symptoms. Children at this age do things for themselves, making it hard for parents to notice any issues on their spine.

Signs you could be dealing with Scoliosis pain

Scoliosis screens are safe and crucial in ensuring early detection and treatment. You can consider a scoliosis screening when you notice these signs:

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    Asymmetrical hips, shoulders, and waist
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    Abnormal curves in the spine
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    Rib hump
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    Breathing problems
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    Spine weakness

Early detection of Scoliosis can enhance timely and better treatment and outcomes. You can count on Advanced Spine & Posture for quick Scoliosis screening.

How Chiropractors at Advanced Spine & Posture in Grand Rapids, MI Can Help With Scoliosis pain

Chiropractors at Advanced Spine & Posture can help you get relief from scoliosis pains. Our team of certified chiropractic care providers will work with you to identify the cause of your Scoliosis. We use non-surgical rehabilitation and approaches to restore your spine health.

Do you have any symptoms of Scoliosis? Visit Advanced Spine & Posture Grand Rapids, MI

When you book an appointment with us, you can be sure of satisfactory services. Our chiropractors are expertise and apply techniques to treat scoliosis pain and improve life quality. Contact us today for personalized assistance.


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