Knee Pain Relief at Advanced Spine & Posture in Lansing, MI

Knee pain can impact the quality of your life. Think about how you use your knee when performing day-to-day activities. From bending and walking to climbing relies on the knees. Perhaps you like hiking or engaging in sports. All these activities can be challenging if you experience knee pain. Thanks to chiropractic treatment, a non-invasive option that help to relieve knee pain.

Once you visit Advanced Spine & Posture, you will enjoy benefits such as:

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    Low-risk treatment
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    Address the origin of the pain
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    Prevent joint dysfunction
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    Improve your balance

Fun Fact

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints of Americans of all ages. The pain can result from an injury, arthritis or other condition

Why is the knee prone to pain?

The knee bears stress from activities such as walking, jumping, lifting, aerobics, and jogging. The knee joint can move forward or backwards and rotate or twist. As humans are encouraged to work and remain active, the knees will wear down and sustain injuries from time to time.

Causes of knee pain

The knee is the most injured joint in the body. It comprises connective tissues that allow you to walk and bend your leg. In this case, pain in the knee indicates that something is wrong and you need professional help. The pain may result from damage to the tissues or more severe conditions. Some of the common causes of knee pain include:

Knee injury

Knee injuries can occur during sports, walking, or after a car accident. Since the knee is made up of various parts, you may experience different types of knee injuries, such as:

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    Knee fracture
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    Knee ligament injury
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    Knee dislocation
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    Knee tendon tear

Medical conditions

Some medical conditions, such as arthritis, can also cause knee pain. Pain occurs when medical conditions degrade the cartilaginous cushion between the lower and upper leg and the bones. Obesity and lifestyle can also contribute to the degradation of the knee joint.

Referred pain

Referred pain involves pain or injury caused by other parts of the body. Knee pain can result from dysfunction of the surrounding joints of the hip and pelvis. Compression of nerves in the lower back can also cause knee pain. A good way to deal with knee pain is by visiting a chiropractor.

How a chiropractor can help to address knee pain

The main goal of chiropractic care is to reduce inflammation and eliminate pain. Due to this, our chiropractors will start by performing an assessment. This will help them to create a personalized treatment plan to address the root cause of your pain. They may recommend Electrical Muscle Stimulation or ice and hot packs to reduce swelling. Besides, they may suggest ultrasound, laser therapy, and deep tissue massage to promote soft tissue healing.

Eliminate pain and get back the stability and strength of your knee with chiropractic care in Lansing, MI

Chiropractic treatment in Advanced Spine & Posture uses various approaches to address knee pain. The type of treatment we use depends on the cause and extent of the pain.

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