Neuropathy Treatment  in Lansing, MI

Neuropathy is a medical condition that causes a burning sensation and numbness in the feet and hands. Living with this condition can make your life challenging since it causes muscle weakness. Luckily, chiropractic treatments can help to address the discomfort caused by nerve damage.

At advanced Spine & Posture, we provide treatments for:

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    Weakened muscles
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    Discomfort from nerve damage
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    Burning pain

Is neuropathy pain affecting your day-to-day life? We offer various chiropractic treatments for neuropathy in Lansing, MI.

woman suffering from neuropathy in hands

Fun Fact

Over 100 types of peripheral neuropathy exist, each with a unique set of symptoms.

An overview of Neuropathy pain

In most cases, neuropathy result from damaged nerve cells. This medical condition is also associated with diseases like, diabetes, tumors, and hereditary conditions. The symptoms of neuropathy, may include numbness, weakness, and burning pain in the feet and hands. You may also find it difficult to move your legs and arms. As this condition progresses, you may lose your balance more often. However, the symptoms of neuropathy vary from person to person, depending on the severity of nerve damage or the type of nerves destroyed.

Neuropathy chiropractic treatments offered at Advanced Spine & Posture

Chiropractic treatment is a good option if you are looking for neuropathy pain relief as an alternative to medicine. It is a natural treatment that benefits people of all ages.
We use various approaches to address the pain and discomfort caused by nerve damage. The treatment options may vary from person to person, depending on one’s needs. Some of the common treatments we offer include:

Adjustments and manipulations

Spine misalignment can also cause neuropathy pain. When the spine is misaligned, the nerve signals are sent to unwanted parts like the muscle group. The good thing is that a chiropractor can help to realign the spine without surgery. Alongside realigning the spine, adjustments and manipulations help to stretch the tensed muscles that result from injury or poor posture. This helps to restore the proper function of the nerves and increases oxygen and blood flow. With this, healing will occur faster.

Cold laser therapy

Cold laser involves a medical device that uses low levels of light. It transmits heat energy into the skin, alleviating pain caused by damaged nerves. Besides, this device increases blood circulation in the affected areas of the body, reducing pain.

Spinal decompression

Sometimes neuropathy may occur when a herniated disc squeezes the nerves, hindering sufficient oxygen or blood flow. The key to spinal decompression is to ease pressure from the spine while eliminating stress from the nerves.

Lifestyle advice

Our main goal is to help everyone live a happy lifestyle. In this case, we look for possible things or behaviors that might cause nerve damage or affect your body’s ability to heal. Besides, we encourage exercises to strengthen the muscles and improve the spine’s alignment to prevent future issues.

Don’t live with neuropathy pain since there are non-invasive ways to alleviate the discomfort. Visit our clinic in Lansing, MI, for neuropathy treatments.

At Advanced Spine & Posture, we understand how uncomfortable it is to live with neuropathy pain. That’s why we have a comfortable office in Lansing, MI. Our chiropractors are ready to treat the underlying cause of neuropathy and help you manage pain. Contact us today!


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