Scoliosis Treatment In Lansing, MI

Scoliosis can become severe spinal curves and health problems. But patients can achieve meaningful results with the timely detection and use of specific rehabilitation techniques and exercises. At Advanced Spine & Posture, we understand the importance of physiotherapy exercises in scoliosis treatment and rehabilitation.

Our chiropractors will start the procedure with an extensive diagnosis to understand your scoliosis type. This aspect helps develop a scoliosis-specific chiropractic care program that fits your condition.

Chiropractors in our Lansing, MI clinic can help you with the following:

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    Diagnosis and detention of scoliosis
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    Identifying the cause of your scoliosis pain
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    Recommending non-surgical scoliosis-specific treatments
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    Designing a home-based rehabilitation and exercise program
close-up of a man's back who has scoliosis

Fun Fact

Usain Bolt, a well-known athlete, has scoliosis.

Overview of scoliosis-specific exercises and rehabilitation programs

Scoliosis-specific exercises are designed to tackle the issues of this health condition. The program has many benefits and outcomes. Research indicates that these programs help patients with pain management and posture improvement. The method sow success for advanced scoliosis cases in both kids and adults.
Some of the common scoliosis-specific rehabilitation and exercise programs in Lasing, MI, are:

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    Schroth MethodThis technique consists of targeted exercises and breathing approaches with the aim of helping the patient's spine to return to its natural position. The target is to stabilize the spine by assisting them to elongate and de-rotate it in a 3D plane. The approach features three components: muscular symmetry, posture awareness, and rotational angular breathing. Our chiropractor can customize the Schroth program to fit each patient's needs.
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    Chiropractic Biophysics This approach utilizes biomechanical-based techniques in enhancing spinal correction and realignment support. The approach applies the mirror image corrections technique, where chiropractors overcorrect the spine to counter the scoliosis curve. It has three component protocols dubbed EAT (Exercises, Adjustment, and Traction). The chiropractors use a combination of targeted exercises and stretching equipment to help improve the patient's posture and spine.
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    Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis (SEAS) This method extensively evaluates the patient's muscular strength and balance, neurological control and flexibility. The results inform the selection of exercises combination fit for a particular patient. It applies the Active Self Correction technique customized for a given spinal curve. This technique is now a common rehabilitation method for treating patients with scoliosis pain.

How Chiropractors at Advanced Spine & Posture in Lansing, MI Can Help With Scoliosis Rehabilitation and Exercises

Whether you’re struggling with moderate or advanced spinal scoliosis, we can help with a customized chiropractic care program. Our certified and experienced chiropractic team will assess your condition and determine the best rehabilitation and exercises that fit your needs.
Advanced Spine & Posture offers non-invasive and gentle therapies to restore your spine and posture. We start with an extensive assessment of your condition and design a customized chiropractic program for your condition.

Are you looking for Scoliosis Rehabilitation and exercise services? Reach out to Advanced Spine & Posture Lansing, MI

Visit Advanced Spine & Posture offices in Lansing, MI, for exceptional scoliosis rehabilitation and exercise services. You can also book an online appointment with one of our chiropractors for customized scoliosis treatment.



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