Dr. John Brown, D.C. fCBP

Dr. John Brown

fCBP, Doctor of Chiropractic

A craftsman at heart, Dr. John Brown has been pursuing a passion for “the way things work” since childhood. As a highly accomplished and experience chiropractor, Dr. Brown thinks of himself as a Biomechanic, helping discover how the parts of the human body work best, and how they can be repaired using natural, non-surgical approaches.

Dr. Brown is certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP®), which he considers to be the gold standard for non-surgical correction of the body and spine. He worked in a CBP clinic in Atlanta, GA before establishing a multi-location chiropractic practice in Florida. Now, he works with Advanced Spine & Posture in a multidisciplinary setting where chiropractic and physical medicine

collaborate to provide the very best that holistic wellness has to offer.

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