Dr. Emily Richard, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Emily Richard

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Emily Richard, PT, DPT, is a 2006 graduate of Miami University of Ohio where she received her BS degree in Health and Sports Studies. In 2009, she graduated from Ohio University with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

Emily was born and raised in Ohio and moved to Las Vegas Dec 2018 to have a new adventure. Prior to Advanced Spine & Posture, she worked two years in an outpatient hospital setting in Dayton, Ohio, and 8 years with Water and Sports Physical Therapy in San Diego. She is an American Physical Therapy Association certified Clinical Instructor and has taken many students under her wing as part of their didactic clinical training. She enjoys “paying it forward” because she had wonderful clinical instructors that inspired her to want to help educate other PT students.

The daughter of two retired teachers, Emily has learned the value of education. She enjoys educating her patients about the cause of their injury and the importance of all aspects of their physical therapy journey. Emily has empathy for all her patients because she, too, has gone from an injured athlete to a totally rehabilitated one. She values the use of manual therapy techniques as the primary treatment for most patients because it specifically targets problematic muscles and joints. She utilizes Active Release techniques, cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, trigger point releases, etc. She has been called the “posture queen” by many of her past patients because she always emphasizes the importance of anatomical alignment, ergonomics and injury prevention with the maintenance of good posture. Emily has worked with patients of all ages: from the developing eight-year old to the mature ninety-two year old with back pain and balance problems.

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