Disc Decompression

Back pain can be extremely debilitating and can be spread to other parts of your body depending on the affected nerve creating even more health problems. The common treatments for chronic back pain include surgery and prescription drugs. However, chiropractic care has proven to have far much better results than conventional treatment approaches.

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Fun Fact

After spinal decompression treatment, 86% of patients report that their pain has not returned.

Understanding Disc Decompression

Spinal decompression treatment, also known as disc decompression, is a chiropractic treatment that involves stretching your spine. It plays a significant role in treating neck pain and lower back pain. A traction table or a motorized device is used to relieve back pain or leg pain. The procedure is also known as nonsurgical decompression therapy because it does not involve surgery.

How Disc Decompression Works

When you walk into our chiropractic care clinic with lower back pain, our chiropractor will lay you on a computer-controlled table and have a couple of harnesses strapped to you, depending on the pain relief you need. The computer will then guide the table through the steps that will slowly decompress your spine for approximately 20 minutes.

This could give you immediate pain relief as decompressing takes the pressure off the compressed nerves, allowing the discs to assume their correct position. When not in their place, the compressed nerves cause pain and inflammation. Therefore, when they are retracted to their position, they can function correctly and ease inflammation.

Nerves can also be compressed by bulging and herniated discs. Bulging discs, for instance, leak hyaluronic acid that stings. This therapy allows discs to get adequate lubricating fluids and nutrients, thus promoting healing and optimal range of motion.

Decompression also allows adequate blood flow in the spine. When your spine is deprived of adequate blood supply, you may experience a cascade effect of pain, degeneration, and other diseases. Thus, decompression therapy stops the vicious circle, provides pain relief, and promotes healing.

What Disc Decompression Can be Used For

Decompression therapy is used for pain management and treatment for a myriad of causes, including:

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    Herniated DiscsWhen one disc sits between the vertebrae that stack to make your spine and cause pain
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    Degenerative discsThis is when painful changes due to wear and tear, cracks, and drying out happen in the disc of the spine
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    Facet joint syndromeArthritis-like condition of the spine that may cause back and neck pain
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    Sciatica PainThis is a nerve pain resulting from an injury or the irritation to the sciatic nerve that originates from the gluteal area
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    Failed back surgeryA painful condition that you may have after undergoing an unsuccessful spine or back surgery

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Our chiropractic care ensures your reflexes are intact, no more loss of muscle strength, and all signs of muscle wasting are addressed. We restore loss of sensation along the path of a nerve and administer proper treatment. Talk to our Advanced Spine & Posture team today.


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