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How can Advanced Spine & Posture Help you with Age Management?

With so many different diet programs, lifestyle books and health programs available, it can be challenging to decide how to go about loosing weight, getting in better shape or simply improving your overall health. Everyone wants to be in good health. Obtaining it, and then maintaining it, can be exceptionally difficult in this busy world of ours. Especially after the age of 40, as our hormone levels start declining, we begin loosing lean body mass and replacing it with body fat. If left unaddressed, the imbalance of hormones in our bodies will not only cause weight gain but also fatigue, loss of mental clarity and a decrease in our libido. It is a “fact of life” our hormone levels decrease, but not one you have to live with.

Fun Fact

The world’s population is ageing fast.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Andropause, or male menopause, is the gradual decline with age of the male sex hormone testosterone. This is also known as testosterone deficiency or androgen deficiency and can contribute to the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Men’s testosterone peaks in their 20’s then decrease by 1% every year after ages 30 to 40. Signs and symptoms of low testosterone start to develop

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    Decreased Sex Drive
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    Decreased Bone Density
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    Decreased Muscle Mass
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    Decreased Strength
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    Swollen Breasts
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    Erectile Dysfunction
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    Depression Dysfunction
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    Cognitive Decline
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    Reduced Self Confidence
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    Sleep Problems
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    Memory Loss
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    Night Sweats
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    Loss of Body Hair
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    Increase Body Fat
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    Increase Irritability

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Menopause has been underdiagnosed due to women and men not admitting that they have vague symptoms, and also clinicians not giving attention to investigating this problem. Our criteria for hormone regulations revolve around accurate diagnosis through signs and symptoms, physical examination, and hormone blood levels.

  • Initial diagnosis through a physician visit that covers clinical history, physical evaluation, and lab work to measure current hormone levels. Advanced Spine & Posture accepts most insurances.
  • Direct replacement of hormones through prescriptive Bio-Identical Hormones tailored to your specific deficiencies.
  • An integrative approach to managing the patient’s overall health and well-being is a key component to optimizing hormone levels:
  • Cleanse and detoxification to restore and optimize natural hormone pathways while promoting positive hormone metabolism pathways.
  • Nutritional therapies (IV, Nutrient Injections, diet, and supplements) to replenish essential nutrients for hormone regulations.
  • Medical Weight Loss. Obesity is associated with profound alterations in androgen hormone secretion, transport, metabolism, and action.

Bio-Identical Hormones are Safe and Effective

Bio-Identical Hormones are exactly identical in molecular structure to the hormones which are made in the body. They are derived from plant-based sources which are structurally altered so your body recognizes them as your own. Replacement with Bio-Identical Hormones controls the aging process by having a systemic effect in preserving our organs, connective tissues, vessels, muscle, bone, and neurotransmitters. Improve your quality of life with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Synthetic Hormones have growing concerns to be toxic and carcinogenic.

Important ways of regulating hormones occur through lifestyle approaches which include optimizing your diet, exercising regularly, avoiding tobacco/alcohol and managing stress. In addition, hormone and nutrient replacement therapy should be considered for those who are experiencing clinical symptoms of hormone deficiency. Psychological stress, alcohol, injuries, surgery, medications and obesity are often contributing factors to hormone decline.

The Goal of Age Management?

Our goal is to achieve optimal health, in all our patients, regardless of their age. That is to give them the mental and physical energy, vitality and resilience to live joyfully in their own bodies! Our patients are reaching their optimal health levels by following our personalized nutrition plan, taking essential daily supplements, exercising regularly and balancing their hormone levels through Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Regular laboratory blood work is required of all patients to make sure their hormones stay balanced and check for early signs of preventable illness.

How does Age Management work at Advanced Spine & Posture?

You are required to have lab work done at the start of your program, eight weeks after your initial labs, then every three to four months until your levels are stable. Then you will only be required to complete your lab work every six months, unless the need for additional tests/studies arises (ie: bone density evaluation, carotid artery ultrasound, etc.)

What Role Does Nutrition Play at Advanced Spine & Posture?

Upon implementation of your hormonal optimization program, eating the proper diet is the next most important aspect of your overall health plan . It’s the key to success in losing weight, staying lean, and even managing, minimizing, or preventing health issues, particularly those that occur as we age. We stress the importance of a “clean diet” by offering advice on how to eat better and manage your nutrition, meal plans and suggestions to stay on target for attaining your health goals, and looking and feeling your best.

Dietary Supplementation

Dietary Supplements play an important role in helping to optimize your health, in conjunction with your hormonal optimization and nutrition plan, by supporting the body in staying fitter, stronger, healthier, and functioning at levels that the standard diet won’t provide. Which supplements to take, and the best time for taking them, will be reviewed with every client in depth by your medical provider and staff as part of the program here at Advanced Spine & Posture.

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