Joint and Muscle Injections

Have you tried everything but still have persistent knee pain, back pain or shoulder pain? Do you want to feel better, be able to do the things you love, and avoid surgery?

Joint Injections can be an alternative to surgery.

We have a multitude of injection options. We can treat most major joints and tissues of the body including the spine. With our wide range of products we have a solution for every situation and every budget. Many of our options are covered by insurance but we also offer some more cutting edge products as part of our cash pay lineup.

Fun Fact

You need water to keep your muscles and joints healthy, lubricated, and energized.

Why choose Advanced Spine and Posture for your Injection?

Some Injections can decrease pain but can lead to accelerated degeneration of the joint or tissue. Our Injections are specially designed to be regenerative rather than degenerative.

Conditions Treated

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    Muscle Spasm
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    Degenerative Arthritis
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    Torn Meniscus
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    Torn Labrum
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    Torn Rotator cuff
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    Degenerative Disc Disease
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Products Offered

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    Hyaluronic Acid
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    Regenerative Medicine

How Can Advanced Spine & Posture Help You?

We offer a variety of products that we have hand picked for their regenerative characteristics. We use these techniques to treat degenerative arthritis in all the joints of the body. Common areas of treatment are the knees, and in the spine. We can also help sports injuries in the shoulder and hip heal faster and stronger. The products we choose utilize natural healing cells, and growth factors present in your own body to supercharge your body’s built in ability to regenerate injured tissues. Like traditional pain injections these can relieve symptoms but they also promote correction of the underlying problem, especially when combined with a comprehensive physical medicine care plan

These conditions must be diagnosed by performing a physical exam and taking x-rays. Call today to schedule your comprehensive physical examination.

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