Wellness Blood Panels

Wellness Blood panels at Advanced Spine & Posture.

Because we are an integrated physical medicine office, we have the ability to not only check on conditions with your bones, joints, and muscles but also look further into your whole body health by analyzing your blood for indicators of health or disease. Our Wellness blood panel is used to determine overall systemic health. We go deeper than what’s routine to understand everything that affects how you feel.

This means looking at your blood cell count , vitamin and mineral levels, hormone status, and environmental sensitivities.

Fun Fact

10% of your body mass consists of blood.

Do I get my blood drawn on the day of my exam?

To gather accurate data you must fast for 12-14 hours prior to specimen collection. Fasting is defined as no consumption of food or beverage other than water for at least 12 hours before testing. Specimens should be collected in the morning since iron and cortisol levels are highest in the morning and fluctuate throughout the day.. For this reason, we will not draw your blood on the day of your exam. We will give you an order for a laboratory covered by your insurance. You may schedule the blood draw for a time that is convenient for you. Your results will be sent back to our providers who will schedule a time to review them with you.

What do we use Wellness Blood Panels for at Advanced Spine & Posture?

We look at a variety of health markers.

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    Hematologyis the number and ratios of the different types of blood cells. This can be used to determine the presence of illness.
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    Blood Chemistrytests give important information about how well a person's kidneys, liver, and other organs are working'
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    Blood fatscan be indicators of heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and other circulation disorders. This Includes cholesterol and triglycerides.
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    Vitaminsare important components of enzymes. Enzymes help make sure all the chemical reactions your body needs to thrive can occur frequently and efficiently.
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    Systemic InflammationInflammation can be caused by infection, injury, or chronic disease. The test we order measures inflammation in the body. This test combined with advanced imaging allows us to measure and optimize your cardio protection. We can help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and many other inflammatory diseases.
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    Blood SugarWe will evaluate blood sugar levels and the hormone insulin. These are key indicators of metabolic disease such as diabetes.
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    Women's health specific bio-markerscan indicate hormone imbalances that can affect sleep, energy, longevity, and mood.
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    Male specific bio-markerscan indicate hormone imbalances associated with low testosterone that affect muscle mass, feelings of fatigue, and overall wellbeing,
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    Basic thyroid testingYour thyroid controls your body’s metabolism, the ability to convert food into energy. An overactive thyroid increases your metabolism while an underactive thyroid decreases it. Your TSH levels can provide a snapshot of how your thyroid is functioning. If abnormal, there are more comprehensive tests that can be ordered to assess your thyroid’s health.
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    Allergen TestingWe look for the presence of environmental allergens that can cause chronic inflammation and related inflammatory diseases.

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