What is Biofeedback?

The human body is an incredible feat of engineering. Some of the things we take for granted in our day to day lives are really a complex dance of input and output signals from our brain to our body. Things like walking upright, or reaching our hand out to pick up a glass of water are actually a host of body parts working together seamlessly. Sometimes a physical injury can disrupt the flow of information causing us to lose these abilities. This is commonly associated with brain trauma, such as after a sports injury, automobile collision, or stroke. But it can also happen over time as the brain and its peripheral nervous system sustain damage from long term daily stresses. Whether it happens suddenly or gradually over time it can decrease our ability to perform and our decrease our independence.

woman performing biofeedback

Fun Fact

The term “biofeedback” was first used in 1969 borrowing the feedback concept formalised by cybernetics during WWII.

What is Biofeedback used for at Advanced Spine & Posture?

Biofeedback is a powerful tool to help the average person recover from injury, help the athlete reach that next level, and help the elderly age gracefully.

Conditions treated with Biofeedback

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    automobile collision
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    sports injury
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    loss of balance
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Should you try Biofeedback at Advanced Spine & Posture?

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    TraumaHave you suffered after a car collision or a sports injury? In addition to a whiplash injury of your spine and muscles causing neck pain and headache, your brain can be damaged from making impact with the inside of your skull. In addition to pain you could lose your coordination, balance and ability to perform complex movements.
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    Age Related ConditionsHigh cholesterol and high blood pressure are risk factors for blood clots that can get caught in the brain and cause TIA or stroke. Brain injury can cause loss of physical function. Our Wellness Blood Panels can assess your risk and help identify an underlying cause to prevent this type of age related injury. As we age it is more common to have loss of balance, coordination and muscle strength. This increases the chance of falling.
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    Neurological DeteriorationBalance for example, is a complex of inputs from your eyes, your inner ears and sensors in your body telling your brain where you are in relation to the horizon, where you are in space and what position your body is in. Damage to any part of this system can cause symptoms such as vertigo. Sometimes to fully recover from an injury the eyes or any other part of this system need to be trained as well as the muscles or joints involved. Biofeedback devices and equipment help our physical therapists properly integrate all your sensors, your brain and your physical body to attain the highest function.

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