Knee Pain Relief in Henderson, NV

Knee pain is a common complaint among athletes alike whether you incurred a muscle strain while training or dislocation when competing, it will eventually affect your bottom line.

You will therefore need to alleviate it early enough before its severity escalates. Chiropractic care combined with physical therapy will help you lessen the severity of knee pain by lowering inflammation and inducing natural healing. And lucky you, we can help you with that at Advanced Spine & Posture.

Under our knee pain treatment, we will completely address the following symptoms;

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    Weakness or instability
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    Inability to straighten the knee
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    Crunching noises when stretching the knee

Fun Fact

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints of Americans of all ages. The pain can result from an injury, arthritis or other condition

Chiropractic Care for Knee Pain

The goal of chiropractic care for knee pain is to restore balance and function to the nervous system through spinal manipulation. By doing so, we prevent future injuries, improve your range of motion and relieve tension in muscles that may be overused or underused.

The effectiveness of chiropractic as an effective therapy for knee pain stems from its ability to adjust the spine and joints, which are responsible for supporting the body in various movements.

Our Chiropractor’s Knee Pain Treatment

We want to treat your knee with the most appropriate approach for your specific condition. Our chiropractor will consider any past injuries or surgeries and any underlying conditions such as arthritis or joint problems.

This information helps us understand how best to treat you so that we can get you back on track with life as quickly and comfortably as possible. If your condition requires more advanced treatment, our chiropractor can refer you to a specialist if necessary.

We will then thoroughly examine the knee joint and surrounding areas. This includes palpating (feeling) your knee joints, check for swelling, tenderness, and redness around the joint. We can also check for muscle tightness or inflammation using an ultrasound machine (a device that sends sound waves through tissues).

If we fail to establish the cause of your pain, our chiropractor will perform various diagnostic tests, such as x-rays or MRI scans, to help determine what is causing your knee pain. If necessary, they may refer us to a specialist who can provide more advanced care if needed.

Once we establish the cause of your knee pain, we will determine the best course of action.

Chiropractic Treatment For Knee pain

Chiropractic treatment for knee pain focuses on restoring normal joint function and mobility. In addition to addressing physical issues such as tight muscles or joint restriction, chiropractic care also addresses any emotional or lifestyle issues contributing to knee pain. This approach helps you get better faster and allows you to continue your daily activities without restrictions.

Ideally, our chiropractic treatment for knee pain will often include the following;

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    Soft tissue mobilization, which involves using gentle, controlled movements to help remove adhesions that restrict joint movement
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    Mobilization of the joint capsule (capsulopathies) and ligaments (neuromuscular)
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    Soft tissue release, which involves applying pressure to specific areas of the body to break up scar tissue and reduce inflammation

Your Number One Knee Pain Specialist – Advanced Spine & Posture In Henderson, NV


If you are suffering from knee pain in Henderson, NV, look no further than Advanced Spine & Posture. We understand that every individual is unique and requires a personalized treatment plan to address their specific needs.

That’s why our chiropractor uses state-of-the-art techniques to assess and identify the underlying cause of your knee pain. Then customize a viable treatment based on the results. Alleviate your knee pain by scheduling an appointment with our top-tier chiropractor today.




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