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We all love fast recoveries from our injuries, don’t we? Wouldn’t it be better to have our pain subside in weeks instead of months? Well, you may think this is a fairy tale, but it’s possible with our physical therapy sessions in Henderson, NV. At Advanced Spine & Posture, we utilize the best state to art technologies in our physical therapy sessions.

Before enrolling you in our physical therapy sessions, our therapists will;

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    Comprehensively evaluate your condition
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    Determine the underlying cause
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    Craft a treatment plan, including physical therapy sessions based on the results of your examination and testing
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    Then closely monitor the progress of your rehabilitation.

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Fun Fact

Physical therapy started around 435 B.C. from techniques used by Hippocrates, the Greek philosopher.

Physical Therapy Sessions

At the start of each physical therapy session, we will get an idea of your medical history and current health condition. We will then ask you about the reason for your visit, evaluate your condition and symptoms, and decide on a plan to help you.

We will do a complete examination of your body from head to toe, which includes looking at how well your joints move and whether they have any movement limitations due to pain or inflammation (which may require some manual techniques).

We also look at how well your muscles work together and how strong they are compared to other parts of your body (such as right versus left arm strength). The goal will always be identifying imbalances between the joints and ligaments. Once we establish the cause, we will determine the best action.

Our physical therapist will begin working with you in the clinic and at home to get you back into shape. Our physical therapist will use various manual therapy techniques to lower inflammation during these sessions. Some of these techniques may include; soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilizations, adjustments, and exercises to accelerate your chronic pain recovery process.

Symptoms We Eliminate with Physical Therapy sessions

We eliminate the following symptoms with physical therapy sessions:

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    PainPhysical therapy sessions can help you reduce or eliminate pain from various causes. For example, we can treat your pain after a sports injury or work injury by working on rehabilitating the affected tissue or muscle. We can also help with chronic pain by improving your posture and flexibility.
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    SwellingWe can decrease swelling in your body through manual treatment, such as massage and soft tissue mobilization, and exercises that increase blood flow and remove excess fluid from your tissues. This will help reduce the pressure on nerves in your body and decrease inflammation caused by swelling.
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    Limited MobilityIf you have limited joint mobility due to arthritis or other conditions, we can provide countering exercises to improve joint range of motion.

These exercises will also increase mobility throughout the rest of your body so that you are not restricted by stiff joints when doing daily activities like walking or bending.

How Long Should You Attend Our Physical Therapy sessions?

It all depends on the severity of your chronic condition and healing rate. Many patients can recover after 2 to 3 visits a week, while others can take up to 10 visits. Our therapist will closely monitor your healing progress and advise you accordingly until maximum recovery is attained.

Maximize Your Healing and Recovery with Our Skilled Physical Therapists in Henderson, NV

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