What Accident Victims Need to Know

Thousands of Las Vegas residents are involved in minor to moderate auto accidents every year, but most walk away thinking they have dodged serious injury, since they don’t have any visible wounds, broken bones, or feel much pain.

Spinal misalignment after auto accident
Spinal misalignment after auto accident

Why Chiropractic Care is Crucial for Long-Term Health

What most car accident victims don’t realize is that the force that was exerted onto their bodies during the accident, has shifted their spine out of alignment. The effects of spinal misalignments can sit dormant for days, weeks, even months after a car accident depending on its severity. But gradually, aches, pains, headaches, fatigue, and general feelings of illness will start setting in.

This is because spinal misalignments due to auto accidents, poor posture, or sports injuries start exerting constant and dangerous amounts of pressure on the tiny nerves coming out of your spine and into your vital organs. If left untreated, nerve interference will greatly diminish nerve energy, leaving your organs in a state of dysfunction and eventually disease.

Some minor to moderate automobile accident victims start experiencing headaches and migraines between 1 and 6 months after their accident, and complain about sleep disorders, fatigue, and general feelings of ill health. Most even complain about a low level back and neck pain even though they seemed to be feeling fine right after their accident.

The reason seeing a corrective care chiropractor is so vital immediately after a car accident is simple; the sooner your spinal misalignment is corrected and pressure taken off the nerves, the sooner nerve energy is restored to the rest of your body.

Chiropractic BioPhysics or CBP is the most advanced, scientific, and results-oriented chiropractic technique which aims to realign the spine back to its normal, healthy shape all without any painful procedures, invasive surgeries or drugs.

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